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Alfred K. LaMotte, Fred, Uplifting and Awakening Poet, and Interfaith Chaplain

Beloved Members, prepare to have your heart nourished with the "Nectar of this Breath".

Please share far and wide!

In this episode, we share a beautiful heart-centered and heart-awakening conversation with an Interfaith chaplain and college instructor in world religions, Alfred K. LaMotte, familiar to us as Fred.

  • We get invited to walk barefoot and un-name the stars

  • We learn that when you have no agenda life can be so original and simple

  • We admit that we have wings that are vast and crystal

  • We P-R-A-Y together and P-R-E-Y together until a flame of healing arises and we purr

  • We give ourselves permission to eat whatever is delicious

  • Hear how an aspiring general has alchemized into a warrior of the spirit

  • We honor inhalation like a royal guest and make a spacious tent of our flesh

  • We learn that the one who whirled the stars into life has come into our body as this breath and unless we become hollow….we won’t be filled with music

  • We remember that when we are aware of our own flesh under our feet we save the earth by savoring the earth

Fred has published five books of poems, “Wounded Bud: Poems for Meditation, / “Shimmering Birthless: A Confluence of Verse and Image”,/ “Savor Eternity One Moment At A Time”, / “The Fire of Darkness: What Burned Me Away Completely, I Became”, and his forthcoming and highly anticipated book, “The Nectar of This Breath”… from Saint Julian Press, scheduled for release the week this episode was recorded.

Fred is a graduate of Yale University and Princeton Theological Seminary, He is a meditation guide who loves to gather circles for meditation and poetry.

He lives in a small town on Puget Sound with his beloved wife Anna. It is rumored that he “…loves to walk barefoot in the wet grass at midnight, un-naming the stars.”

Fred says, "The radical act is being present. The revolution is to breathe. " Let’s be radically present with him and breathe his poetry as prayer!


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