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Andy Mahler, Dedicated Forest Activist, Defender & Community Organizer protecting the places we love

This is Earth Day week but we all KNOW that Earth Day is every day. Here is a great opportunity to learn about an action you can take to help protect National Forest from an urgent threat!

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In this episode, our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude to speak to our hero and our friend, our beloved Andy Mahler.

Andy is a forest activist, defender, and community organizer with Protect our Woods and Heartwood. Andy organized the forest protection network Heartwood, “people helping people protect the places they love.”

  • We learn the most effective ways to protect your local woods from a seasoned forest defender

  • We feel the vitality and wholeness of finding our place and purpose

  • We experience the transformation of someone growing from loving the trees to someone who has become a powerful protector of the forest

  • We discover the obstacle is the path

  • We learn how vital it is to save all old-growth forests to help save the planet and all beings

  • We get sage advice on how to avoid burnout as an activist

  • We discover the importance of not only working to stop destruction but also putting your energy into creating more life and a greater vision for community

Andy says, “There is nothing more important that we as a human family can do to protect our planet from the ravages of climate change / than to stop cutting down our forests, especially on public land He believes, “The only way you can protect the land is by knowing it loving it and taking action to defend it.”

Andy, says “To restore the forest, let it grow.” Get involved to help to protect Buffalo Springs here: Save Hoosier National Forest

Email the Forest Service at [] Put "Buffalo Springs Restoration Project" in the subject line and copy Governor Holcomb on the email at

Cut and paste your email into the contact forms for the following public officials as well:

U.S. Congressman Trey Hollingsworth (if you live in the 9th Congressional District)

Share this information with your social circles.

This is an urgent threat to Indiana's only national forest--help up advocate for the Hoosier National today!

Social Media link

Social Media link

Social Media link

PLEASE share far and wide and invite folks who care about this precious Planet and its People to hitch a ride on this Caravan of the Heart!

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