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Angela Shelton, Healer & Radical Voice for Survivors of Abuse, Award-winning Filmmaker & Actress

In this episode, we renew faith and belief in the human spirit with the radically honest voice for those who are forced to be silent because of abuse and violence, Angela Shelton. Angela makes movies and music and teaches adults and children escape routes out of pain and suffering. She says, "Every single thing I do has the underlying mission of inspiring survivors to heal and live happily ever after no matter what happened to them." Content/Trigger Warning: In this episode, as we talk with Angela about her empowering and healing work she does for and with survivors, we are discussing sensitive topics. Please be aware that the topics of child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, incest, and suicide are discussed. Please be in touch with your feelings and take care of your heart while listening. Know who you can reach out to if you become upset. Here is some of what unfolds in this revealing and healing conversation... She says her sense of humor has literally saved her life as a survivor and you will hear evidence of that in this empowering and exhilarating conversation.

  • We are empowered to know that our pain is not as important as our purpose.

  • We go behind the veil and reveal harsh truths about the original pandemic of sexual & physical abuse.

  • We find gems in the darkness and realize that forgiveness is really for you.

  • We learn when it's time to channel your inner Annie Oakley

  • We don't line dance- we outside the line dance

  • and dance the shadows into dawn

  • We carry the torch of revival for the spiritual war going on.

  • We mince garlic and we don't mince words while stirring up trouble.

  • We laugh a lot. Our hearts break open.

  • We become our own Hero and find that Life does come with a survivor manual!

  • We learn how to become Rockstar Reformers and ask always to be a vessel for God to pour through!

Angela has spoken all over the world from Congress to colleges. She helps raise money and awareness for Child Advocacy Centers, Rape Crisis Centers, and Domestic Violence Shelters. Personal Website

We hope you will take a listen to our conversation, and please, share, share, share this Caravan of the Heart everywhere!

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