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Bill Philipps, Intuitive Inner Wisdom Guide, Psychic Medium and Author of Soul Searching

Bill Philipps, Intuitive Inner Wisdom Guide, Psychic Medium and Author of Soul Searching

In this episode, we are honored to be in the radiant presence of Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium and author of SOUL SEARCHING, Bill Philipps.

Bill is the author of Expect the Unexpected, Signs from the Other Side, and most recently Soul Searching : Tune In to Spirit and Awaken Your Inner Wisdom.

His life’s mission is to help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information, and beautiful messages from Spirit, which heal and bring a sense of peace.

  • Explore with us as we find how being committed to the light and to service becomes a saving grace

  • Discover that our inner child is the essence of who we has access to our higher our intuitive self

  • Our child self is the threshold that connects us to everything else in the universe

  • When we find forgiveness we are unshackling ourselves from suffering

  • PRAY it Forward- we can be of service to others by being an answer to their prayer

  • It's part of our DNA to be grateful...when we live in a state of gratitude we are aligned with spirit

  • We go on a spiritual scavenger hunt decoding signs and symbols from our loved ones as they are connecting to us from beyond

  • Recall that we are all connected to a spiritual web around us of influence, inspiration and connectivity

  • We're all here to understand what unconditional love feels like for ourselves

  • Welcome to the era of deeply empathic people

Bill conducts individual and small- and large-group readings and has appeared on high-profile television programs like Dr. Phil and Access Hollywood.

Bill says, “connecting with our higher self helps us navigate and flourish in a worldthat is becoming increasingly complex. Such a connection takes significant work and a lot of soul searching, but we have the power to make it through conscious choice. It is up to us.”

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It is with sublime delight and infinite gratitude that we share the latest episode of Caravan of the Heart! Thank you for launching another powerful and precious episode with your faithful love and support! We are so grateful to have you journeying with us on Caravan of the Heart!

You are loved - You are LOVE!

Aim Me & Renee

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