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Dawne Gee, Radiant and Resilient News Anchor, Reporter & Host “Persevering with Purpose”

In this episode, we learn how to overcome the most difficult obstacles life throws at us and keep hope strong! You will not believe how much she has endured...she has made beauty from ashes!

  • When we get knocked down, we find out what we get 5 minutes to do and what comes next…

  • We discover why a little girl wouldn't be cast as a ghost in the school play and what role she created for herself when she demanded to be defined by her destiny

  • We are broken open when we hear about the horrifying thing a little Kentucky boy had to do when his stomach cried out in hunger

  • We see what happens when we stay focused on doing the good work and get astounded by the remarkable rewards

  • We meet the Angels who helped Dawne remember her wings after she had a stroke "Live on Air" during a broadcast

  • We bask in the radiance of a cherished community celebrity, news anchor, and our beloved friend, Dawne Gee

Y’all Dawne Gee is like the love child of Michelle Obama, Betty White, Oprah, and Dolly Parton…EVERYBODY LOVES Dawne Gee! She has enjoyed a highly successful broadcasting career. She has been an anchor with NBC affiliate, WAVE 3 in Louisville, Kentucky for 28 years! Over her career, she has often been chosen as the “best local tv personality” and “best tv anchorwoman”.

We call her the Belle of Louisville! She is renowned for her work on television but as the heart of Kentuckiana, she is also a tireless advocate. She is her brother’s keeper! She is CONSTANTLY uplifting and supporting countless local and national charities.

She has a remarkable connection to the community. She shows up daily to go on air with flair and deliver the news accurately and objectively while also stepping out of that role of a newscaster to be a leader and a vital part of the community.

In 2019 Dawne was awarded the prestigious Fleur De Lis award which is given to an individual who has made lasting, lifetime contributions to the Louisville area and has affected the civic life of our community in a significant, substantial, and positive way.

Support her charity, “A Recipe to End Hunger”, which answers the problem of child food insecurity. Its mission is to end childhood hunger in Kentuckiana. When you support “A Recipe to End Hunger”, 100% of the funds collected will go to support programs already in place serving children from food-insecure homes.


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