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Devorah Brous, Sacred Steward, Regenerative Urban Homesteader, Creator of FromSoil2Soul

In this episode, get ready to root and rise up with frontline Community Organizer, Ritualist and Herbalist, Devorah Brous!

Garden your inner and outer landscapes!

Devorah is the creator of fromsoil2soul. She consults, writes, formulates herbal remedies, and gardens with individuals and institutions, designing regenerative practices for soul care, community care, and earth care.

With a focus on ancient and emergent practices, she is deeply rooted at the nexus of burnout and renewal. Dev offers groups and individuals online Sabbaticals to unearth regenerative practices for gardening our inner and outer landscapes.

She has rooted in the garden for over 25 years, growing community food sovereignty, environmental justice, and land rights.

  • We meet in a 3rd space where the alchemy happens in our ecosystem.

  • We allow ourselves to fall into the rich cauldron of fallowing.

  • Find that magic takes place when we surrender and allow the spaciousness all while dreaming audaciously.

  • Remember that regeneration is coming when we give back more than we take.

  • Reaffirm the oneness of life and our ability to listen and hear our sacred oneness.

  • Discover the antidote to burnout.

  • We don't focus on fighting what's wrong but instead on feeding what we believe.

  • We can we best show up as catalysts and synergists for our communities when we cross the bridge from soil to soul.

  • We root and rise!

  • We found parallels with the work of Caravan of the Heart and Devorah's work...

    • Taking care of yourself / Shabbat: Soul-Care

    • Taking care of others / Jubilee! Community-Care

    • Taking care of sacred earth / Sabbatical: Earth-Care

Devorah says, “I guide folks in ancient ways of tending the soil of our lives growing in tandem with nature's cycles, fallowing to unearth the medicine of the land, and giving back more than we glean." Today we look forward to growing in tandem with her and to the goodness we will glean in our time shared…”

Devorah is a TEDx speaker. Food Champion Award, LA City Council Member David Ryu, on Food Day. Energy Globe Award, Energy Global Foundation. International Peace Prayer Day Award, 3HO Foundation.

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