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Fia, Spiritual Singer-Songwriter Amplifying the Sacred

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

In this episode, we travel through the countryside north of Stockholm deep into the heart and soul and high vibration of Fia Forsström (known mononymously as Fia) .

Fia is a spiritual singer-songwriter who with her inspirational lyrics and catchy melodies has a unique way of weaving music that empowers the listener to drop deeper into themselves and find their own medicine.

  • Find out how this songbird finds an opening and gets freed from her cage.

  • Fall into Worship as we recognize ourselves as part of the whole - as coming home.

  • We see worship as swimming out and broadening our perspective to connect with the lifeforce saying, “I love you and you love me....thank you for being with me on this journey”.

  • We ask what if we didn't run away from the demons in our heads and instead we chose to love them?

  • Step into the knowledge that by actively choosing love we feel empowered.

  • Discover the key turned in the lock that opened up the love of self and the knowing of our worth.

  • You are invited to, please, be is the most beautiful thing you can do!

  • We trust that who we are is enough.

  • We are with the Divine Feminine as she invites us to slow down...Her Love is is is deep is clear is intuitive is powerful is everything!

Since the release of her debut album “Made of Stars” (2016), Fia has been touring worldwide and continues to touch hearts wherever she goes. She has fast become one of the leading voices on the spiritual music scene after the release of her two albums ”Legacy of Light” (2017) and ”Waterfall of Wisdom”(2019). Since then, several EPs, singles and various collaborations have taken place, and winter 22/23 she enters the studio to create her fourth album with spirit inspired music.

It i said that she has a “unique way of weaving music that empowers the listener to drop deeper into themselves and find their own medicine…" Expect to be healed!

Fia says,

“The life that I live

I feel honored to give

In humble service to the Divine

I am grateful for every single breath that I may breathe

For the expansion

For the gift of being me

I’ve got another page in my book

And I will use it well, I will use it well

Cause when I go

I want to know

That I left it all on the table

That I gave it all I’ve got

I wanna be remembered as Love

Leaving behind

A legacy of Light

Of Light”

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Thank you immensely and infinitely, Beloved conduits of Caravan of the Heart, for allowing another healing episode to pour through. Let this music medicine heal your heart, mind and spirit. Please share far and wide, as we grow this amplification of sacred love!

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