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Humanity’s Epic Awakening A Mystical Odyssey Beyond Belief / Mary Reed

In this episode, our hearts are rejoicing and reverent to be in the enlightening and awakening presence of mystic wisdom teacher and guide, Mary Reed, who is ushering in the Way of Love, the Truth of Love, and the Luminous Light of Love.

We welcome her back to Caravan of the Heart to celebrate and cherish the release of her new book and big, beautiful, inspiring love letter, Humanity’s Epic Awakening A Mystical Odyssey Beyond Belief.

  • We become fully aware of the light of the divine here through us and as us.

  • We make our Love visible. No scripture or sermon is necessary to live according to love...every heart knows the way.

  • We ask, If love is all we need - then why hasn't there ever been enough love to make our suffering go away? We find out the answer.

  • Expand to hold the wisdom that the origin of our pain is our belief that we are separate from everything, separate from love.

  • See how when we reject what we label “bad” we are stuck in a cycle of pain- what we resist...persists.

  • Invite whatever comes into my awareness...I will love unconditionally as an equal part of all that I am.

  • "There is a great love a great tidal the force of a thousand is unstoppable... and you should welcome it when it comes!"

  • We look forward to Mary helping us remember that how we are in each moment IS our contribution to the collective. She offers to us… “You see how powerful you are? Throughout the cosmos you are being celebrated!” We celebrate HER and all of her contributions in service to Divine Love!

Mary was a staunchly agnostic healthcare executive living in Washington, DC when she began venturing uncontrollably into mystical experiences in the company of Jesus, Buddha and angels.

She finally surrendered her “normal” life and spent several years in a tiny nunnery in the Himalayas coming to terms with her unexpected abilities. Her profound experiences are both a road map and an invitation into the Divine wisdom we all hold within.

Mary’s work is a palpable transmission of Divine Love as evidenced in her three books — Unwitting Mystic Evolution of the Message of Love, Divine New Being A Sublime Guided Passage to the End of Hell, and Humanity’s Epic Awakening A Mystical Odyssey Beyond Belief.

Mary says, “However we are reacting to others is our contribution to others. However we are reacting to the world is our contribution to the world. What is it YOU want to contribute?”


Look, feel, and experience the LOVE you are launching into humanity's heart! Thank you for lifting up another episode and furthering the outreach of Caravan of the Heart! We are especially thankful for this transmission of Divine Love from Mary Reed who is not only a return guest but also a member of Caravan of the Heart! Immense gratitude to all of you for amplifying love in all things!

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