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Julia Butterfly Hill, Revolutionary Champion for the Planet

Julia Butterfly Hill, Revolutionary Champion for the Planet, Tree Translator, Legacy of Love in Action


n this episode, we are in the presence of a Champion…Our Shero…a revolutionary advocate for this planet and its people, Julia Butterfly Hill!

For 738 days Julia Butterfly Hill lived in the canopy of an ancient redwood tree, called Luna, to help make the world aware of the plight of ancient forests. Her courageous act of civil disobedience gained international attention for the redwoods as well as other environmental and social justice issues, which is chronicled in her bestselling book The Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman, and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods.

  • Our souls are transformed by a Super-Shero of Resilience!

  • Bear it all...push at edges even when it's uncomfortable because that's where growth happens.

  • We find a conscious "No" to one thing is a conscious "Yes" to something else!

  • We don't have to hold it all... just allow it to flow through.

  • Discover a pufferfish transform into a butterfly!

  • With waste, there is no "away". Indigenous cultures don't even have a word for "trash".

  • We don't need more stuff, we need to find more courage, more love. more connectivity!

  • We dispel the idea of "We the People" and expand to "We the Planet"!

  • Today we strive to do our best to live love in action in every moment.

  • Today we ask "what kind of world do I want to leave behind with the life that I have led?"

Julia, with the great help of steelworkers and environmentalists, successfully negotiated to permanently protect the 1,000 year-old tree and a nearly three – acre buffer zone.

On December 18, 1999 Julia Butterfly Hill, then 26, came down to a world that recognized her as a heroine and powerful voice for the environment.

Her courage, commitment and profound clarity in articulating a message of hope, empowerment, and love & respect for all life, has inspired millions of people worldwide. After she returned to the ground, Julia toured the world speaking about her experience, and about the many lessons she learned, to the media and audiences large and small.

The recipient of numerous prestigious awards and distinctive honors, Julia Butterfly Hill is one of the most internationally recognizable figures in environmental activism.

Julia founded the non-profit organization, Circle of Life and was the visionary of We The Planet, setting the standards for green festivals, events, and tours in the US. She co-founded the Engage Network and is the inspiration behind What’s Your Tree.

She has addressed the United Nations, lobbied congress, and has continued to stand on the front lines of environmental and social justice issues all over the world.


ULIA SAYS, “When I entered the majestic cathedral of the redwood forest for the first time, my spirit knew it had found what it was searching for. I dropped to my knees and began to cry because I was so overwhelmed by the wisdom, energy and spirituality housed in this holiest of temples”

Julia Butterfly Hill is most known for living in a tree, but she has had a wild and full life before and after. She “cusses like a sailor and prays to trees.”

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YOU did it! We co-created this Caravan of the Heart together and we have just passed the milestone of entering Season 2!!! It's off to an incredible start with our sacred conversation with Julia Butterfly Hill. She no longer grants interviews...we were an exception. You will want to listen to the wisdom of life experience that pours through this transformational soul!

PLEASE share this episode with all of your heart and help us launch Season 2 with a powerful launch!!

We do this for you, we do this with you but we could not have done this without you!!! Thank you for faithfully believing in this vision!


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