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Kendall Rosenberg, Mystic Poetess, Lighthouse of Luminous Courage


In this episode, we wholeheartedly and excitedly embrace Mystic Poetess, Kendall Rosenburg, author of All The Candles I Light For Myself; I Light For You.

Kendall throws her heart beyond the boundary of words like a luminous sunrise over the deepest valleys of womanhood... of human hood.

This mystic poet asks of her readers that they face their own divine curiosity and wholehearted longings. She reminds them that their deepest desires and the most secret state of their heart is the purest.

She holds the hands of her readers as they walk through the shadow and then shepherds them back to the singular luminosity of the great return.

Kendall is a spiritual counselor. A helper of people. And a recovering addict celebrating 8 years

  • We learn that you just show up long enough and a miracle happens

  • We dance in the darkness and name it holy

  • We get ushered out of the midnight caves and into the daybreak of our own hearts

  • We see that lights get turned on when we turn ours on and we become lighthouses for other people

  • We are inspired to keep promises to ourselves and understand that when we do we become altars walking in the world

  • We are reminded that when we are pillars of light and love, we are an attraction for softness and gentleness

  • Get your heart massaged and sit right on the edge of divinity, fall back and let go

  • We pull life over us like a Divine mirror

  • We tell you...How beautiful we are

Kendall says,

I want to roll on the ground

with my portion of sky

and bring all my fears earthside

I want to toss my body through all my shades of darkness

and cup them to my breast

like holy dreamlets that just want to be held

I want to experience the things

that hide in the light

like little moon landings on my heart

I want to dance in the darkest dark

of my eastern forest

climb on the back of my tiger

and become her

I want to climb

into the wide open mouth

of the universe

and dissolve

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