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Love is Friendship Caught Fire (New Episode) with Troubadours of Divine Bliss


In this Valentine’s Day episode, we, Troubadours of Divine Bliss, share an intimate conversation with you… “Love is Friendship Caught Fire!”

It's probably no secret how much we love each other, but we want to share the secrets of how we nurture our love and share the story of how our friendship caught fire ignites this bonfire of bliss!


We are cherishing our First Love, the Divine, and our love…we have been best friends for 40 years and sweethearts for 26!

  • Secrets of the Sweethearts are unveiled!

  • We find out how being a supporter of stamp collecting can keep your union civil.

  • We play, we pray, we create and renew, renew, renew!

  • We learn how to keep the rock in your rocking chair.

  • We discover what is one of the most dangerous threats to a relationship.

  • We explore how a relationship is a catalyst for growth.

  • We find that you CAN Find your first Love!

  • We fan flames, we polish mirrors, we give bouquets!

  • We share the greatest question you can ask your beloved.

  • We put the wow in your vow and honey in your honeymoon!

------ Let us say, from our hearts, that we care so much about your heart. We are here to serve your heart and serve your love…love of yourself, love with your beloved, and absolutely, the Source of all love.

So let us extend this to you…here are some ways that we can serve you:

Please contact us for more information on personal retreats and couples retreats. Reach out to us to find out more about us being celebrants and how we can officiate your ceremony or share music at your ceremony or both!

Schedule your personal or couples retreat and let us nurture you and your love!

We love you and we love your love!

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