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Mary H. Reaman, Heart-Centered Creator, Author, Artist and Visionary

In this episode, we are ecstatic to be with and in the sublime and divine presence of Creator, Artist, Author and Podcaster, our bliss sister and dear friend, Mary H. Reaman. Following the call of her longing, Mary has pursued unchartered territories and taken on a variety of roles over the years including pastor, founder, public speaker, teacher, preacher, creator of ceremonies, author, artist, and podcaster.

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  • We invite the gift that prayer is a friendly talk with God

  • We are reminded that the greatest love we can give each other is in seeing and calling forth our goodness.

  • Be baptized in the knowledge that we are ALL already whole.

  • Remember that playing is praying with creative vitality. It is crucial to keep play incorporated in our lives...its where wonder is, where awe lives and imagination resides!

  • Learn how Holy Bubbles, Cosmic Acorns, the Brush of Sacred Dreams, the pen summoning your spirit myth...lets the Divine create through you.

  • We allow our unconscious to become conscious by opening a door in our imagination and allowing ourselves to walk through.

  • Find out what happens in a Magic Bath!

  • Explore why there is a ticker tape parade for your anxiety.

  • Be a soul adventurer following the clues the spirit leaves.

  • Recall that it is within the silence of our souls that we find healing, insight, compassion and peace.

  • Go to where I AM is all that can be said...

After 25 years of honing her skills as a pastor, teacher, and preacher, Mary has redirected her attention to the arts and healing, believing that societal and cultural change, even the possibility for world peace, as well as the desire for peace in our relationships HAS to begin with healing the wars, disease, and dissonance within ourselves.

To that end Mary offers spiritual companioning, art as meditation opportunities, reiki and energy work, spiritual development classes and workshops, threshold ceremonies, and more to facilitate healing and restore balance to mind, body, and spirit. She also shares her insights on her podcast, Watering Whole with Mary.

Mary says, “Realizing that life is about transformation means never resisting development at the deepest level. And that requires a profound receptivity on our part - because we can only change the world if we change ourselves, if we can love ourselves unconditionally, and more often than not, hold a stance of uncertainty and humility when it comes to understanding others and the game of Life in which we find ourselves. And in order to do that we have to develop a spirituality for the long haul.”

Thank you, Beloveds, for launching yet another transformative conversation on Caravan of the Heart! Please feel and know that YOU make these episodes possible! We are so grateful to you and for you!

Please share far and wide and invite others to hitch a ride on our Caravan of the Heart!!!

You are loved! You are love!!!

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