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Meredith Heller, Powerful Poetic Voice, Author of Write a Poem, Save Your Life, Writing By Heart Wor

Meredith Heller, Powerful Poetic Voice, Author of Write a Poem, Save Your Life, Writing By Heart Workshops

In this episode, it is our immense privilege to have as our guest a powerful poetic voice, author, singer/songwriter, avid nature-woman, and educator, Meredith Heller.

A California Poet in the Schools, Meredith leads Writing By Heart workshops at public & private schools, women’s prisons, The Institute for Poetic Medicine, The Kennedy Center for the Arts, wellness retreats, and online for adults and teens.

  • We ask the question…Do you write the poem or does the poem write you?

  • What does it mean to Be 1000% percent present and get 1000% out of the way so the creative muse can come through?

  • When we really show up and learn something new about ourselves...this is what is alive!

  • We befriend ourselves...hold ourselves with the deepest love and respect and listen for the whisper in our ears.

  • Discover how to find your own natural, creative voice.

  • Offer the monster of your inner critic tea and dark chocolate with almonds.

  • Realize that we need both the darkness and the light to grow.

  • Melt the armor, put the sword down and learn to trust.

  • Stay with it until you break open...then you will break through.

  • Realize that you can write yourself back to life and give a voice to your pain.

  • Turn your tears into temples.

  • Midwife and reweave the world.

  • Learn to feel wildly alive.

  • We allow ourselves to make some wonderful new mistakes.

  • We trust that there is a benevolent energy that wants the best FOR us and wants the best FROM us.

Her passion is empowering people to believe in themselves, trust their creative instincts, tap their wild wisdom, express their truth, and ignite their hearts.

She is the author of Write a Poem, Save Your Life, and three poetry collections, Songlines, Yuba Witch, & River Spells. Meredith was selected as a teaching-artist for an online education program through The Kennedy Center for the Arts. She was made a Poetry Partner by the Institute of Poetic Medicine, and she receives a grant from them each year to teach in the women's prisons.

Meredith says, “If writing has claimed you as its own, as it has me, you will know that writing is how we breathe, how we bloom from darkness into love. Dig deep into the caverns of your memories, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Dig up all the bright delicious juicy ones, the bubbling lava angry ones, the lonely soggy miserable ones, the broken self-hating demeaning ones, the dark monstrous secretive ones; dig in, because this is where your poetry lives.”

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Social Media link

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The 2nd episode of our 2nd season has wings and you are the powerful force guiding this Caravan of the Heart and keeping us moving in the direction of all things loving.

Thank you for your faithful support of this vision. Thank you for sharing far and wide and feeding the fires of our one heart!

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