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Myshkin Warbler, Musical Spellcaster & Jenny Q, Healing Herbalist

Trust Together: A True Story of Love's Victory

Myshkin Warbler, Musical Spellcaster & Jenny Q, Healing Herbalist / Trust Together: A True Story of Love's Victory

In this episode, we are thrilled to have with us our friend and fervent, masterful muse, the brilliant Musician, Songwriter, and Artist, Myshkin Warbler, and the radiant, resilient, author, beloved herbalist, cellist, and awe-inspiring muse, Jenny Qaqundah. Together they are a dynamic duo whose persevering love and devotion have stirred the hearts and spirits of all who have encountered and embraced their remarkably miraculous story.

In our heart-stirring, soul-inspiring exchange, we experience through Myshkin’s music and Jenny’s memoir the “powerful story of a mother’s love for her daughter. The family love story between a child and two women, holding onto each other for dear life. The story of how Jenny's Arab birth family and eclectic Joshua Tree family held her and discovered themselves. The story of the fierce determination of a lover who stayed close by the side of her true friend.

  • We meet a Warbler and an Alchemist who fell in love, grew, and flew through an extraordinarily harrowing experience

  • We experience how songs can be spells that conjure healing as a diviner of music magic frees our gypsy hearts and resurrects our souls

  • We get introduced to Jenny's greatest teacher who asks who are we at the core without all these things we call ourselves and the stories we tell?

  • We experience how songs written as spells can conjure healing as a warbler frees our gypsy hearts and souls

  • Feel the potent energy of community suffering together and healing together

  • Discover a potion for your every emotion

  • We look into a musical kaleidoscope of continually shifting genres and scene changes that exposes us to magic and the miraculous force of music

  • Walk the high wire and feel held together by the net of the faithful embrace of true love

  • A harrowing true story of love's victory is told and offers us many gifts

We celebrate Myshkins birthday, and Jenny's rebirth and expand into a celebration of human will, the value of community, and the power of love.

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