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NEW Episode! Don't Leave Me Raw: Cook Me in the Fire of Divine Love

Bon Appétit! In this episode, we introduce you to the fire of Divine Love that desires to transform you from feeling raw to being on fire! LISTEN to the full episode here:

In this episode, we are reminded that in our best moments, when we are trusting the divine process, we want not just salvation but purification. The goal is to actually be on fire! That way, anything that comes into our orbit in our being can move from being raw to being "cooked". There is such a fire, the fire of Divine love. We explore this "cooking" process as a spiritual metaphor delivered via the mystical wisdom of Grandma Opal.

We are reminded that many times when we need to stay right here, present with what is, to be patient with the preparation of our being, trusting of the process we try to escape the "cooking". What we feel as discomfort, pain, grief, anger, anxiety, fear and all manner of emotions incases us in a shell that needs this cooking to be softened into comfort, peace, trust, and love. When we allow the "cooking" process to enrich and flavor our lives we can expect more of all the words we have to describe good “taste” to begin describing our lives...your life can be an amazing, appetizing, delightful, enticing, exquisite, divine, luscious, delicious, sweet, savory, yummy, scrumptious, lip-smacking, distinctively spicy life!!!

  • We discover the flavors of our deliciousness

  • We are guided by a poet, a seamstress, a songstress, a gardener a sharpshooter, and a charismatic mystic of the highest order that I knew as Grandma

  • We sit down in Grandma's kitchen and learn why what she cooks up tastes sooooooo good

  • She teaches us to endure the boiling process of trials and challenges so that the richest flavor can be brought forth in our lives

  • We leave nothing raw and undone and learn that trusting the process gets us well done

  • We learn her secrets and savor the flavor of surrender by saying “yes, chef”

  • Why are Master Chefs such good cooks…because they’re cooking for people they love

Renee Ananda is one of your Caravan of the Heart Co-Hosts and a Troubadour of Divine Bliss


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Thank you from our hearts and Caravan of the Heart for supporting this vision and keeping us moving along on this quest to amplify love in all things!

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