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Nicole Sartini, Authentic Empowerment Guide and Psychotherapist

In this episode, we are thrilled to be in the company of and in conversation with Psychotherapist and Authentic Empowerment Guide, Nicole Sartini.

  • We are asked if we ready to flip the light on and see what is stored in our metaphorical closet?

  • We build the courage to be able to see ourselves in our fullness

  • Learn that a feeling is not a fact - we came here to learn and evolve through our challenges

  • Find that when we hit those spots that are so painful and it feels like everything has crumbled - that is the birthplace of creation

  • We consider that we can hold both the pain and beauty at once. Can things be both?

  • Some of the hardest moments end up being the most fertile of our evolution

  • We are here to evolve through a certain set of challenges...we should take the curriculum

  • Love and acceptance is high frequency and brings us peace

  • Step inside to find the unique spark within YOUR Sanctuary of Self

Nicole started in the mental health field 23 years ago at the age of 19 and has practiced as a professional psychotherapist since 2010. She is the co-owner and founder of Bridge Counseling and Wellness, an integrative mental health counseling center with 5 locations in Louisville, KY, and The Academy of Integrative Mental Health, a continuing education platform for mental health professionals across the country and beyond. She carries a unique window into the world by having had the honor of being an intimate part of thousands of people’s healing journeys and through her own personal work as a trauma survivor who has found resiliency and peace. Nicole says, “When it really comes down to what actually brings about true contentment and makes a meaningful difference in both our personal and shared world, the only real power a person has is the power to bring clarity, insight and healing to their inner world. By doing so, they bring about a sense of peace with what is within themselves and are able to allow the love they find themselves to be at their core, to overflow and help shape the outer world. That is the kind of power that allows us to know and connect with ourselves so deeply that we can then find a way to use our unique makeup and gifts to honor ourselves and the collective. It’s a power that not only enhances our personal sense of well being, but allows us to leave this planet a little bit more kind, evolved, loving, peaceful or beautiful than it was before our time here.” Personal Website Social Media link Social Media link Authentic Empowerment Workshop, April 12th Learn More:

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