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Pouria Montazeri, Beloved Founder of In the Footprints of Rumi

Pouria Montazeri, Beloved Founder of

In the Footprints of Rumi, Filmmaker,

Sacred Poetry Portal Awakener & Transformer

In this episode, we are greatly honored to have our hearts nourished by Pouria Montazeri, the founder of "In The Footprints of Rumi."

Pouria shares the riches of his familiarity with Rumi's language, culture, and religious/spiritual background to support individuals in understanding what Rumi said and taught, which has been ignored, erased, or misinterpreted through translations and renditions in the West. His fluency in Persian enables him to translate Rumi and other Muslim Sufi mystics and poets in a way that brings together East and West.

  • Join us as we marinate in magic, get permeated by presence and saturated in the sweetness of unity.

  • Feel with us as we join in the beautiful dance of intimacy between joy and sadness and find where they meet.

  • Understand with us that the purpose of the core of pain is to bring us back home and how it is a blessing when we see it that way.

  • Remember that the heart is a threshold...once you get a little glimpse of that glance and a taste of that kiss... you are done.

  • Find out what is connecting the seen with the unseen mystery.

  • Know that we all need a mirror, we all need a friend, we all need a confidante.

  • Honor that we are trustees, we are humble servants that were gifted this life to serve this planet, all of its species and each other


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Shams & Rumi: The Fragrance of Axis Mundi


Pouria offers online and in-person courses year-round, as well as travels to facilitate workshops and retreats to share the essence of Islam through Rumi's teachings.

His passion is Spiritual Direction/Coaching to assist individuals in exploring the interiority of their beings as well as making sense and meaning of the spiritual pointers for their daily lives.

He says, “I am a very fortunate man to have been raised with Sufi/Persian poetry. My mother and I would read Rumi together (we still do), and I remember how its music to my soul would ignite my heart from a tender age.”

Prepare your heart to join us as he ignites our hearts by stirring Rumi’s music in our souls…

Beloveds, prepare your heart for exquisite tenderness as it is embraced by this sacred poetry poured from the soul of Rumi through the precious vessel of Pouria Montazeri.

You have given another episode wings with your on-going support of Caravan of the Heart. Thank you for furthering this outreach and helping us to amplify the voices of those who awaken us to love!

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