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Rebecca Wildbear, Earth Love Warrior, Author of Wild Yoga

Rebecca Wildbear, Earth Love Warrior, Author of Wild Yoga and Soul Guide of Creative Service

In this episode, our wild hearts get activated and our souls get invited to initiation by Rebecca Wildbear, author of “Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration & Advocacy for the Earth.”

Rebecca is also the creator of a yoga practice called Wild Yoga, which empowers individuals to tune in to the mysteries that live within the earth community, dreams, and their own wild nature so they may live a life of creative service.

  • Join us as we learn how a soul becomes initiated

  • Discover who Rebecca calls "masters of love"

  • Find out how movements become a prayer to the universe

  • Listen to the mystery in the a doorway to the sacred

  • Open to the wild, holy presence in Nature and in our Nature

  • Learn that when we are in tune with the living world and tap into our deep imagination, mysterious things arise and surprise and we are given essential instructions for our life

  • Find out how following what we love opens us to a romance with the world

  • Ask "Where is my love right now in this moment flowing”?

  • We call up Love Warriors for the Earth and call in ferocity for the wellbeing of the planet

  • Remember the wild world needs our embodied love prayers and we need the wild world

Rebecca says, “May these teachings, stories and practices offer a path to open your heart to what is most sacred. May they ground you in love and strength. May they restore your relationship with the Earth so that you and your dreams, mystery and muse may live in co-creative reciprocity with life on the planet.”

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Thank you from our hearts! You did it again! Here's another wisdom infused episode of Caravan of the Heart made possible by you, our beloved Members! Get introduced to your inner Beloved, learn more about living Muse-Directed Life and learn how nature teaches us to do yoga and follow the flow of your love!!! You are cherished!

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