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Richard Brendan, Heart Intuitive Host of JourneysFire Podcast, Speaker, Mentor and Hospice Chaplain

In this episode, we share a beautifully moving conversation with Speaker, Hospice chaplain, Mentor, and Radio Host, Richard Brendan.

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In his teaching and by his presence, Richard helps us see the beauty and joy of the world anew as if we were children again.

  • In this intimate exchange, we are invited to see with Love.

  • We find the greatest gift you can give is presence by being fully present with another.

  • We become Midwives to the Mystery.

  • We realize that in the end, "All that matters is to love, laugh and shine our light brightly!"

  • We turn on to Lamplight Activism...Allowing people to come out of the dark and into the light, out of the cold and into the warmth just by loving them.

  • We recognize that when someone is vulnerable, only love is safe enough to come out to.

  • We see the beautiful thread of love that is woven through life and death, and we learn awareness of death is the secret of life.

  • We ride with the Lone Ranger of Love! "Hi-ho, Surrender away!"

Through keynotes, workshops, coaching, and media, Richard is a recognized expert on human relations and an influential speaker on personal and social transformation. He is known and loved for his visionary creativity, fiery passion, and heartfelt communication skills.

Richard holds a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Illinois. He is also a certified Life Purpose and Career Coach, hospice chaplain and life member of the Dead Poets Society. He is the host of the weekly podcast, JourneysFire: Conversations on the Art of Living and Loving.

Richard has been a successful radio host and producer for 17 years on 88.7fm, WICR in Indianapolis. In that time he has interviewed many of the top thought leaders, best-selling authors and iconic singer-songwriters.

Richard says, "When we share a tender thought, a touch, or a tear, we connect with the deepest part of ourselves.” We open the deepest part of ourselves to connect with him and invite you to do the same. Personal Website

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