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Rick Archer, Beloved Host of the Renowned Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP) Spiritual Interview Show

In this episode, we have an inspiring and heart-opening exchange with Rick Archer, the extraordinarily spiritually awakened Creator / Host of the spiritual interview show, Buddha at the Gas Pump. Since the Fall of 2009, he has interviewed over 640 “spiritually awakening” people, from the well-known to the unknown, from a variety of backgrounds and traditions. In this fascinating and engaging exchange, we travel the spectrum from an authentic deep dive into devotion into a highly heartfelt embrace of enlightenment.

LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE: Podcast Episodes | Caravan of the Heart

Please share far and wide and invite others to hitch a ride on this Caravan of the Heart. Thank you for all you do to amplify love and the voices of those who do for this planet and its people!

  • We go from American gothic to mystic topics

  • We find our destinies are very much guided by unseen forces…

  • We learn how to abide in a space of seeing the world through God's eyes

  • We are reminded that Every day is life and to not pass over the present for some glorious future

  • We learn the blessing of being supported and the blessing of being thwarted

  • Rick shares that a true warrior has time only for their impeccability

  • He expresses that it is better to die doing the right thing than it is to live doing the wrong thing

  • We see how there are as many perspectives on existence as there are people

  • We discover what question Rick Archer would ask Jesus

  • Listen to find out if YOU have the winning lottery ticket.

  • Laugh, sing and feel the beat go on as we sync up with the rhythm of existence

  • We learn the value of who we are more fundamentally

  • We are inspired to stay curious and fascinated about the mysteries of life and consciousness

"Whatever you think, it's more than that." - The Incredible String Band

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