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Talamieka Brice, Illuminating, Award-winning Artist, Filmmaker & Visual Storyteller

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In this episode, our spirits are deeply moved and inspired as we speak with Award-winning Artist, Filmmaker, Photographer, Poet & Visual Storyteller, Talamieka Brice.

  • We get a glimpse of what we it means to be a Mother, an Artist, a Filmmaker and Activist while reclaiming our Identity

  • We discover what happens when you add spice, a bit of voodoo & magic to what is given

  • We find that with Honor comes great responsibility and that Warriors flow through Love’s veins

  • Don't play small. Tell your truth and stand tall

  • Look fear in the face and know that it does not define you - it refines you

  • See that Your journey is more than your shadows and that the light is how we find each other in the dark

  • Explore how you have to trace the family line into dark alleys to find exits for new generations…

  • Don’t lose sight that you are worthy, you are Divine

She is inspired by her hometown of Kilmichael, Mississippi, and by artists Michelangelo, Shakespeare and Maya Angelou. Recently a portrait of Brice, Forever Mood, taken from a series of stills from her documentary film, FIVE, a Mother’s Journey, went viral. She's also an activist and has led protests.

She serves as CEO for Brice Media and has worked with Kim Kardashian, Cassandra Wilson as well as creating marketing campaigns for many companies including the American Heart Association and the brilliant Barack Obama Mural for Barack Obama Elementary School in Jackson, MS.

She was a member of the Mississippi Business Journal’s 50 leading business women class of 2013 and Top 50 under 40 for 2016. She was also named one of 2013’s People to Watch by Graphic Design USA, the first and only Mississippian selected in the magazine’s 50 year history. She was also recognized as one of 25 Women Changing the World by Conversations Magazine.

Talamieka says, “You can’t paint a good picture without shadows…the dark needs the light…Take the light and the dark and paint your truth…”

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Watch her film, FIVE: A Mother's Journey


Beloved hearts furthering this Caravan of the Heart, thank you from the depths for this opportunity to give another episode wings. Please explore this episode and help Talamieka continue to speak truth to power and stand up in her greatness!

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