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Tenia Sanders, Outstanding Soul Singer-Songwriter, Ambassador of Art and Activism

In this episode, we sit a the feet of a true Black Empress and bask in the glow of her enchanting soul song.

  • We get some Grandma Enola wisdom "Be Yourself, you can't be anybody else."

  • We hear what it sounds like when you write a Love Song... to yourself

  • We color outside the lines and refuse to be put in a box

  • We try on different styles of expression and flex our creative muscles

  • We feel Sunrise with Aretha and Sunset with Luther

  • We are inspired to make Art that matters, have the tough conversations on racism, and refuse to check out.

  • We follow our own inner compass on the journey to ourselves and then beyond borders as an American Voice Abroad

  • We find Freedom when we are "Proud to Be Me"

Teneia is an internationally touring musician and songwriter and has seven albums to her credit.

Teneia has won multiple awards, she has had her work featured in television and film, AND has shared the stage with various critically acclaimed artists.

Her work has been featured on HBO, Netflix as well as in several independent films. One of Teneia's most prominent pieces, "Stand," earned a placement in the HBO documentary Prom Night in Mississippi featuring Morgan Freeman. "Stand" embodies Teneia's ability as an artist to address deeply rooted social issues fearlessly and confidently.

With a career spanning over a decade, Teneia has toured relentlessly throughout the years. Her most recent side project, Heart Society, gained recognition through the Sixthman Cayamo music cruise alongside John Prine, Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, Lee Ann Womack, and many more.

Teneia is a visionary with the heart to match. No matter what project she is a part of she always delivers a stellar performance. With folk-soul roots and infectious hooks, she teeters on the edge of defining a new sound and genre.

It was proclaimed in the Phoenix New Times that her voice can “charm you into a hypnotic trance, make your heart beat faster, or motivate you to get out of your chair and dance." We are so ready to be put in a trance and dance with her today!

Personal Website

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Social Media link

We hope you will take a listen to our conversation, and please, share, share, share this Caravan of the Heart everywhere!

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