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Victoria Bennett, Wild Woman, Poet and Author of All My Wild Mothers

In this episode, we are simply delighted to be with our beloved bliss sister and dear friend, Victoria Bennett (Vik) who is a poet, author, creative activist, and Wild Woman.

When not juggling writing, full-time care, and genetic illness, she can be found where the wild weeds grow…within ALL MY WILD MOTHERS: her debut memoir of motherhood, loss and an apothecary garden.

  • Hear the mystic tale of a poet in northern England awakened by Troubadours in the middle of the night.

  • We dance on tables... and answer the call to free the wild woman in us.

  • We find when we are our authentic selves in the world, we can create anything and that’s when the magic starts!

  • Find the small thing worth the gift of your hope. And what is courage but hope mixed with love.

  • We plant a herb garden and get more than blooms. We are given myths, healing and wise companions on our journey.

  • We see what can grow in the broken ground of grief and find that life grows not in spite of the broken places, but because of them.

  • Some seeds require disturbance in order to grow. If we try to cut out the things that hurt and that are difficult, then we also cut out all the joy.

  • When we garden wild, we are celebrating a connection, a companionship, an honoring of our place in a vital biodiverse environment.

  • We blow the dandelion with its seeds of wishes out into the world!

  • LIFE arrives, reaching for the light, bathing in tears, reckless and determined to grow wild and lush over what was once barren stone.

Her writing spans non-fiction, memoir, poetry and games-based storytelling. It was long listed for the inaugural Nan Shepherd Prize (2019), and the Penguin WriteNow (2020) programme, and was a winner of a Northern Debut Award (2020) for non-fiction from New Writing North, and an early extract won the Mother’s Milk Writing Award 2017.

Vik founded Wild Women Press in 1999 to support rural women writers in her community and curates the global Wild Woman Web project, an inclusive online space focusing on nature, connection, and creativity.

Vik shares, “…stone by stone, seed by seed, life grows not in spite of the broken places, but because of them…”

Join us as we look forward to a story of radical hope, to reclaiming our wild spaces and letting the light into those broken places as we transform the rubble into a garden with her!

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You are incredible! You have once again set sail soul inspiring sweetness and inspiration! Thank you for traveling with us on this Caravan of the Heart! Listen to the love you are amplifying and please share far and wide! We are so grateful to you and for you. We do this for you and with you but we couldn't do this without you. We bow in infintite gratitude and love!

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