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Improv Therapy Group, Transformative Therapy with Believers in the Healing Power of Laughter

Heal and laugh with us! Please share this Caravan far and wide and thank you from our hearts for hitching a ride with us! Let's amplify love in all things!

Improv Therapy Group, Transformative Therapy with Believers in the Healing Power of Laughter

In this episode, we share an immensely inspiring and intriguing conversation with CEO, Angela Nino, Chief Improv Officer, Lisa Bany, and Reverend Marcy Bain, Improv Instructor with Improv Therapy Group.

  • We find magic words and get a Bland Aid for your life

  • We discover the transformational power of "Yes...And"

  • We learn that when we commit to having each other's back, it's infinitely easier to trust and surrender.

  • We discover 5 things a Rainbow might say

  • We find that Play is not just for kids anymore

  • When you dance on nothing and have a ball your intuition grows strong, your confidence stands tall

  • Come with us to a wondrous place where imperfections are embraced,

  • Laughter's the best medicine and the gifts are mistakes

  • We bow to the wow of now!

Improv Therapy Group Mission: Empower through improv

Improv Therapy Group engages the principles of improv to teach individuals, helping professionals, groups, and organizations improve communication, practice life skills, heal through laughter, engage in self-care, and embrace imperfection.

Who they help:

They support communities that serve recovery, addiction, families, mental health centers, mental health professionals, public safety, and others.

How they help:

They provide a safe space where improv facilitates creative healing and learning. Participants develop improved empathy, public speaking, self-acceptance, community relationships, having each other’s back, being part of a team, mindfulness, playfulness, active listening, and being present in the moment. Our approach also addresses performance anxiety, social anxiety, and cultural gaps.

The Ensemble:

Angela Nino CEO--additional areas of interest--addiction and recovery work, working with NAMI Chicago, using improv in de-escalation training with police and first responders, pursuing her MSW (Masters in Social Work)

Lisa Bany- Chief Improv officer, teaching improv to all age groups, more than 20+ years experience as an instructor at Second City Chicago, Teaches regular improv and improv for wellness, teaches improv in addiction recovery centers, and has taught improv for groups including Anxiety Marcy Bain specialties-- Intersections of Creativity/Spirituality/Psychology--how Improv can help faith communities, how improv can make us less rigid, more creative, and help faith systems change


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