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Jenny Shanks, Intuitive Love Warrior, Spiritual Medium and Mentor

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In this episode, we spiritedly enjoy an uplifting and affirming exchange and encounter with psychic, spiritual medium, mentor, and lightworker, Jenny Shanks.

Jenny’s first love and passion is connecting with our past loved ones… providing peace and clarity for ALL those she connects with…in the spirit world and here on earth.

  • Hear the message, "Stop denying your gifts” because they are very much needed in this world

  • We learn that tapping into your own inner knowing opens the door to gratitude

  • We lean forward in the frequency of love and remember that when we stay in the frequency of gratitude and spirit, we find that it always gets us back into alignment and ascends us forward

  • We are encouraged to ask, "What respect are you offering yourself?", and to “smile at everyone you encounter because you could be the best part of their worst day”

  • Feel how all around us Ancestors are acting as Guardian Angels

  • Root into Earth...Rise into your Intuition

  • Remember that "Spirit will never let you down"

Jenny’s second love is inspiring others to find their light. She’s passionate about guiding you to authentically love yourself by stepping into your own light to shine!

Through her methodology of infusing science, the spirit world, and energy, she teaches YOU how to connect to YOUR higher self & trust its guidance. HER is to provide light, love, and hope to all they encounter.

Jenny says, “We will inspire and support the human spirit, one connection, one reading, and one event at a time.” We know she is going to inspire and support your spirit as you connect with her.

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Social Media link


Beloved, look, feel, know what you have done in giving another episode of Caravan of the Heart wings!

Thank you for furthering this outreach of our hearts and helping us to amplify love in all things.

Please listen to this intuitive love warrior and share far and wide to keep this Caravan traveling in the frequency of gratitude and love!

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