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Joan Tollifson, Writer, Teacher, Explorer in Nondual Spirituality

In this episode, we share an expansive and awakening conversation with writer, teacher, and explorer in nondual spirituality, Joan Tollifson.


Joan has held public and private meetings as well as occasional workshops and retreats since 1996. She encourages people to question the stories, beliefs, and misunderstandings that create so much of our human suffering, especially our tendency to mistake conceptual maps for the living actuality. Her bare-bones approach is open, direct, down-to-earth, and rooted in the ever-fresh aliveness of presence-awareness.

  • We find the Holy Reality…it's always right here

  • We bask in the understanding that we are all parts of a whole that is continually happening

  • We enjoy both the utter simplicity and the infinite complexity and diversity of exactly what is…

  • We embrace the idea that everyone is doing exactly all they know to do

  • We learn that we may need to trust the grit to create the pearl

  • We find perfection in imperfection and expand the circle to include everyone

  • We talk about the nothing in everything and how opposite energies propel growth

  • We think to ourselves "What a Wonderful World" and see how everything is really saying, “I love you."

  • We experience that the Ever-Fresh Aliveness of “Just This”... IS Bliss

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Social Media link

“…We simply need to come to our senses, open our eyes and ears, see and listen, taste and touch. Feel the sensations and the energy throughout the body and all around us. Feel the presence. Feel the spaciousness, the boundlessness, the aliveness of this presence that we are and that everything is, allowing it all to reveal itself to itself in ever more subtle and wondrous ways.” – Joan Tollifson

Beloved Members, here is an outpouring that we know will fill your spirit! Thank you for giving another episode wings! Let's Amplify Love Together and keep this Caravan pointed in the direction of all things loving!


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