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John Blair, Legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Environmental Health Activist

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In this episode, we are beyond grateful to have in our presence a living legend, a forty-five-year, environmental health activist, John Blair…a commercial mortgage banker turned Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist. See the photo:

He founded and still serves as president of Valley Watch, Inc. whose purpose is "to protect the [public health and environment of the lower Ohio River Valley. He also published, for three years a monthly newspaper called the Ohio Valley Environment during a really activist surge in the early 1980s.

A believer in active civil disobedience, he gained notoriety when he stole the groundbreaking shovels at a Union Carbide hazardous waste facility in Henderson, KY in 1985. Watch the video:

In 1997, John, had an epiphany regarding the need to eliminate coal as an energy source.

During the early 2000s, he was instrumental in stopping a number of new coal plants as well as helping establish new rules for national air quality standards and helping to establish a number of small community-based organization that usually successfully fought local environmental issues.

Since 2018, he has been working with one of those groups-SW indiana Citizens For Quality of Life in Spencer County, IN to stop a bizarre proposal to build a coal to diesel refinery.

  • We learn the 3 "C's" of environmental activism: Confrontation, Cooperation and Civil Disobedience.

  • Find out one of the best ways to stop a polluting, poisonous behemoth is sometimes to just...steal the the groundbreaking...right in front of on the air.

  • We deepen into the powerful mantra "Think globally act locally." and how vital that is right now!

  • Learn the key is Perseverance. The only thing that wins is outlasting the other side.

  • We cheer each other on…Don't give up – Get up! Don't get depressed - Get Determined!

  • Have the epiphany…You get fired when you speak your mind and when you stay quiet…so you might as well speak your mind.

  • Learn to discern fiction from fact.

  • Set out to change the world and fight injustice.

  • Ask the question…what can I do to help fight for a healthy, viable planet?

John says, “Freedom is like a muscle. It atrophies if it is not exercised.” We know our conversation with this living legend will strengthen us to fight this good fight!

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Exercise your muscle of freedom and fight the good fight with John Blair! You did it again, Beloved Members! You are amplifying the voice of a legendary environmental health activist! THANK YOU from the heart of Caravan of the Heart!

Please share far and wide!

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