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Perdita Finn, Compelling Writer, Ancestral Healer & Guide on the Radical Path of the Divine Feminine

Perdita Finn, Compelling Writer, Ancestral Healer and Guide on the Radical Path of the Divine Feminine

In this episode, we are grateful to be in the presence of the compelling writer, time traveler and friend, Perdita Finn.

She is the co-author of The Reluctant Psychic and, with her husband Clark Strand, The Way of The Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary and Take Back the Magic: Getting to Know the Dead.

  • We are encouraged to not rush for the answers and to step into the mystery.

  • Explore how womb and tomb are so closely attuned.

  • Find out how Bourbon, Dark Chocolate and a furry white cat saved her Mom's life.

  • Be present at the moment of two hearts' cataclysmic convergence in the portal of a Hungarian pastry shop.

  • We are asked, “What is the one story you would leave behind for people to know about you?”

  • We are living in a river of prayer that flows to us and through us…pull on a thread and wait for the tug on a heartstring.

  • What if we could truly feel the souls of our family in the living things around us?

  • What if the dead were right here and just waiting to be of service?

  • The dead most want to teach us is that we have all the time in the world because we are all in this dance forever.

A longtime devotee of the earth, Perdita has studied with mystics and shamans, Zen masters and naturalists, but her greatest teachers have been the dead themselves. She is the co-founder of The Way of the Rose, an international rosary fellowship dedicated to the earth and the Lady by any name you like to call Her.

She says, “What if our souls were nothing but threads piercing the veil first one way and then another, sewn back and forth eternally? What if the veil didn’t separate the worlds but was the world—the whole fabric of existence? From this side, we see only the knots, the tangles, the threads cut short too soon. What if we could feel the long thread of our souls entangling with other threads? What if we could follow a red thread through to the other side of the tapestry as it becomes a dress, a jewel, a rose, a pair of lips, a heart? What if we could glimpse the picture of our lives from the other side? That’s what the dead do, of course—they see at last what life is really for. To touch that reality we have only to pull on a thread and wait for the tug on a heartstring.”

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In this time of Thanksgiving, please feel our immense and immeasurable gratitude for your on-going gift of support that has set free another episode of Caravan of the Heart. With your help and loyalty to this vision love will continue to be amplified for this planet and its people.

Please share this episode far and wide and invite others to take it on a ride as they travel during this holiday.

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