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The Healing Power of Meaningful Connection with Troubadours

In this episode, we feel the all embracing, healing power of meaningful connection...with your hosts, Aim Me & Renee, Troubadours of Divine Bliss.

We want to connect with you...we you hope you will join us in this episode to receive your love letter from us and the Divine.

  • We find our truest lifeline, our purpose and greatest fulfillment is meaningful connection in this life.

  • We see how being in loving presence with others leads us back to wholeness within ourselves.

  • We call out to hear "there are other worlds to sing in".

  • We pray to become vessels where Love pours through.

  • We invite you to share what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.

  • We become pencils in the hand of God writing love letters to everyone we encounter.

  • We awaken to love for ourselves, each other and the whole world.

Accept and extend the invitation for meaningful connection in every moment with everyone and this Earth. Embrace connection and be embraced.

We embrace you! You are loved! You are love!

Thank you from our hearts and Caravan of the Heart for giving another episode wings and furthering the dream of amplifying love in all things!!!

Here is sound bite for you!


Let's Connect! Schedule your personal or couples retreat and let us nurture you and your love!

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